MACSS Territory Safety Services is a niche service provider to a diverse range of industries including, the Mining, Oil/Gas, Construction, Aviation, Shipping and Manufacturing industry both in Northern Australia and Overseas.




MACSS Territory Safety Services is focused on the northern regions of Australia from Broome in WA through the Northern Territory and into Townsville in QLD and branching into the Papua New Guinea Region.

We understand the specific needs of business in these regions and we can supply the local safety expertise that is unable to be serviced satisfactorily from the other capital cities.

We deliver advanced safety services that will meet the highest levels of safety demanded by the world’s most progressive companies across these regions.

Our focus is on exceeding best practice and developing strong, long term relationships with our clients to ensure the highest level of compliance and standards.

MACSS Territory Safety Services provides a full range of Safety Services as well as provides specialist advice in the metalliferous and coal industries whether open cut or in an underground environment.


MTSS Advisors & Consultants 

All MTSS Advisors are WHS Professionals who are personally selected on their specific capabilities. Our advisors aspire to the same principles that we apply to ourselves and have the technical support and back up of the organisation.

MTSS consultants have expertise in all areas of safety and environment management systems including but not limited to: 

Underground Mining, Open Pit Mining, Processing, Construction (Major Projects), Critical Incident Investigation, Project Mobilisation, Risk Management, Legislative Systems Mapping, Web Based Safety Management System development, Electrical, Environmental, Safety Management and Legislative Compliance Auditing 

Benefits of Working with MTSS

Through our experience we can help you:

  • To identify potential issues relating to legislative compliance.
  • With ongoing support throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Develop internal auditing systems that will identify potential risks to your organisation.
  • Ensure the risk to your organisation, your people, your stakeholders and the general public is minimised and controlled.

We will develop a practical, transparent safety management system designed to ensure a continuous improvement approach is present in all of your work activities. Our team will work closely with your staff to enable them to maintain your safety management system.

To find out more you can view our complete list of services or contact us today to find out how we can help.