The useful links below will assist safety and management personnel to find information they may require to assist them during the management of their organisations.

National Workcover Links 

WorkCover of South Australia 

WorkCover Corporation of Queensland 

WorkCover Authority of New South Wales 

WorkCover Tasmania  

WorkCover Western Australia 

Work Safe Victoria 

Northern Territory Work Safe 

Work Safe Australian Capital Territory 

Comcare Australian Government 

Other Useful Sites

Northern Territory  Integrated Management Program - NT Business Growth Program Initiative

Federal Safety Commissioner 

Performance Training - Site Specific Training / Training Manuals

Australian College of Health and Safety - WHS Training & Development

QHSE Integrated Solutions - OHS Software Solutions

Mining & Quarrying Occupation Health & Safety Committee 

Infrastructure Partnerships - Infrastructure Forums

Australia Australian Bureau of Statistics 

Australian Standards 

Australian Constructors Association 

Building Construction Industry (QLD) 

The Equator Principles - Credit Risk Management Framework

WHS Legislative Bodies 

Safe Work SA 

Work Safe Western Australia 

Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General

New South Wales Minerals and Petroleum 

Queensland Government Natural Resources and Mines 

Safe Work Australia 

Office of the Technical Regulator – South Australia 

OHS/WHS Associations 

The South Australian Chamber for Mines and Energy - SACOME

Civil Contractors Federation 

Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association 

International Cyanide Management Code 

Useful Legal Sites

Australian Legal Information Institute 

Commonwealth Legislation